you could win one of our wInternships in 2013!

Invasive vrs. Native Throwdown Referee: contain, and eradicate insidious grows of invasive species (including and hopefully limited too: Himalayan Blackberries, thistle, foxtail (Ripgut Brome), bindweed, Bermuda grass, vinca, Azoella Fern, french broom)
clear riparian creek areas
native plant propagation for riparian rehabilitation
meadow restoration.
explore irrigation techniques to aid in the restoration of meadow land and encourage the grow of native grasses and perennials.

Bicycle Curious Intern: organize and help coordinate an informal community bike coop. it's more than fixing flats! sometimes.  turn your bad self loose on our 20 rusty frames of goodness. help repair and maintain a fleet of dysfunctional community bikes. inventory, organize, sort, tidy our massive array of useless leftover bike parts and missing tools.

Solar Powered Intern: we want more of our needs met directly from by sun, altho we're not going to the PhotoVoltatic route at this point (ideological reasons) we are very excited about solar hot water systems, and solar ovens. you'll have the resources to experiment and install several different systems for several different locations and needs (using mainly recovered materials and patients).

Bicycle Powered Intern: we want Appropriate Technology! help us build a bicycle powered blender, washing machine, solar over, intern robot, and relationships. we also want more bike carts that are actually easy to attach and remove from a bike and actually work. thank you. and are less passive aggressive thank you.

Urban Forager: [It’s late at night] How are you at tracking the Greenbox Bison? Hunting the Compostbin Buffalo? Can you fish in the waste stream of capitalism? Can you carry 200lbs of bananas? How much almond butter is too much almond butter? You might have slept in the abandoned orchard but have you harvested from it? During the day under the scornful eye of the fruitless orchard owner? (hint: bring him a pie made from the fruits of his former dreams).
Besides all the poetry this is the most fun and most tiresome work we have for you. You get to stay out late gathering the discards of abundance and you get to exhaust yourself driving around looking for perfectly good eggplants that you somehow can’t find, while occasionally getting chased off by exasperated employees.
Sometimes it’s good: i.e. “a human being can’t eat more than 12 cakes in one hour” “oh yeah?”. Sometimes it’s not so good: i.e. “we were out till 2am and we didn’t find anything but Mr. Mcrgreggor chasing us off with his flashlight light-saber”.

Bar, then ReBar, repeat, again: Do you love audio books? do you never ever get repetitive stress injuries? are you extremely introverted? help us with a job that actually make the house money and can support us (and you) being here. we have 10,000 pieces of rebar to straighten and sell.

Dr. Free Skool Professor Ph.D.: coordinate, calender, plan, prepare, assemble, bottomline*, verb, execute workshops and containers for study time to help us learn the things we're interested in but are too busy to describe how we're too busy to explain why we can't find the time to plan these fun learning things. (we're okay with just watching lectures). ((we really love learning)).

Facilities Intern: wanna learn how to get frustrated?

Sustainable Lumber Harvester: nope sorry you don’t get to cut down trees; you get to recover them from walls, barns, dead suburban neighborhoods. mainly posting to craigslist that you’ll take down old barns, then coordinating doing it. and possibly soliciting old barns (“you look like you’re going to fall down here often?” “That vineyard’s gettin’ awful close, wanna come home withe me?”). Denailing, sorting, organizing the lumber we do have.

Miss Deeds Recedes the Weeds and Reseeds No Weeds: you love weeds you can't get enough ah’dem weeds. not grass, grasses; not weed, weeds; not pot, pots. Double plus good if you’re a Swede.
actually we dont’ really buy into the idea of mainstream notion of weeds, most plants serve some function.
we are a house of individuals who are looking to produce food security. Are you interested in helping us  by contributing to the maintenance of garden bed thru watering, seeding, weeding, amending, gardening and harvesting?

Azoella Ferner: Are you half fish? do you like to stay in the water all day when it's super hot outside? help a half-to-fully naked israel scoop floating fern off the surface of our pond. it's an amazing garden/compost/potting soil amendment and animal feed!

Party Lord: we used to do fun things together...[sighs quietly in the corner, no one hears]. we have over 600 records spanning 1959-1987. make us dance!!  help us love again. (we also have board games and children's safety scissors as well).

steamPunky Brewster:  we have brewing materials, bottles, capper, caps, yeast, carboy, malts but no time to assemble them. do you?

It’s Black. It’s White. It’s our Græy water intern: help us reinstall and vastly improve our græy water system. we have some ideas hopefully you do too or at least some initiative to learn light carpentry and plumbing. there is also another kitchen system that needs to be completely designed and installed from scratch. P.S. it's very stinky.

Computer Nerd™: yes who would of thought that an intentional community of over 30 people in the North Bay couldn’t set up their computer network in anyway that provides a service beyond functional internet access; and who would have thought that a group of nature loving hippies would consider the Internet as a basic human right (water, food, shelter, justice, internet). anyshway we’d like to have our own personal Intranet, the Internet here is distributed over several routers, APs, other words that i don’t really know what they mean, et cetera. So can you make somewhere between us-all-using-one-router-and-file-sharing and a VPN? Our own file server? help!

HouseSpouse/KitchenWitch: Help create and maintain a home atmosphere of...tidy up after a buncha sloppy farmers...a group of little lost anarchists are looking for their Bwendy. coordinate/calendar/bottomline*: meals, solar cooking, drying food, washing/storing/processing dumpster food, dumpster diving, garden harvesting, et cetera. tidy and comfortable house material culture. demonstrate flexibility in cooking styles.

Intern-al Medicine: Supplement our knowledge base, health systems, and bodies with what ever amalgamation of tinctures, salves, DSM-IV, extractions, Kinesoligy of the Musculoskeletal System, emotional processing work, exorcisms, Triads, psychoanalysis, Yoga for the Physically Dead™, Massage for Massage Thearapists®,  skinnyjeansbeans diet, raw vegan weeds fast, herbology et cetera...that you’d like to teach us, experiment on us with, or provide us with. Please no Rakey unless you’re in the garden.

Vampire work: Do you hate the sun? does the idea of “the outside” excite you about as much as the idea of Roller Disco? We have 20hrs of footage of CRIC house on miniDV; plus 20hrs on a HDD. Do you want to extract the good footage? for youtube? or even make a short rmdocumentary? we have no idea how to do any of these things.

MeAndHumanure down by the poo yard:
nothing is more important than building the soil. “build good soil then we’ll talk”. all sorta composting to do. you might be driving to pick up more horse manure.

Tool Sharea Imam: we need you to make some tough new laws around our communal tool shoppe. or just keep it nice.

Your Pianist is showing: you play piano all day, when ever someone is in the house. We prefer Jazz, Classical, or original Speed Metal.

HosCRICality: New people always think other new people are the nicest.

Come join the Circus of Quercus: Help maintain and water Oaktopia; a rare oak tree nursery. We’ll teach you everthing we know about oaks.

Hops Intern: help install a Hopsyard!

Builder Bob: All we want to do is have the free time to build so hopefully this will never be a position to fill.

Natural Building sExpert:sure

Light Clay Straw Intern: insulation?

*bottomlining- means you are responsible for this happening, you don’t have to do it but if no one else does, you do.

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