The never ending always list of Projects that the CRIC house is involved in:
(April '09)
((really!?! April of 2009! man this is out-dated!!))

"Completed" projects (is this ever true?):
building a chicken tractor
grey water system
outdoor shower construction
solar oven construction
planting 18 different fruit/nut/ornamental trees, shrubs, and vines
rotating chickens through our yard
clearing a road up to the forest by eradicating french broom
building the tool shop
mulching/pruning fruit trees
Building 5 raised garden beds in the front yard

Ongoing projects (that's more like it):
planting stuff in those garden beds
pulling stakes and rebar outta the ground
organizing the tool shed
fixing bikes
exotic french cars
getting friends to visit and then never leave here
cleaning up the health of the forest thru forestry work
creating sweet spot by the creek
woodchip mulching around the house
coordinating your WWOOFers
building soil with wood chips in other places
dumpstering food for animals
solar shower / washing machine construction
bike cart construction
indoor shower - what a concept!
working on Praxis
killing invasives!
-French Broom
-lowclassenglish Ivy
-poison oak from my bed
-Douglas Fir (a.k.a. weed poles, or vertically-stacked-contiguous-firewood ;)

Food Collection:
dumpster diving (eat local ;)
farm harvest (gleaning)
goat and chicken care
planting and propagating fruit trees
fruit harvest (gleaning and wildcrafting)
olive pitting and curing

Food Preparations:
solar cooking
farmer's cheese
ginger beer
herbal tinctures

Future Projects (always more):
building another another chicken tractor.
planting a diversity of trees in the Riparian zone to replace the Blackberries and Willow "mono"-culture.
Veggie oil conversions.
RV conversions.
outdoor kitchen.
creek cooled food storage.
Here's from the list on our wall:
Llama Umbrella.
Make nice nice shaded terrace sitting area at pond.
Avacodo roof.
attic renovate.
fucking tile the fucking indoor fucking shower for fuckssake fuck.
raccoon proof under the house.
finish grape arbor portch roof.
fix up the outhouse -trim tree, fix roof, install floor, raise it.
move grape vines, extend arbor.
clean out old pump house.
sleeping platforms.
fix up / finish the office-consequenceShed -windows, door, couch, roof, paint inside.
make nice behind mill office.
move swing.
make new swing.
build and place bike rack.
set up army tent for couchsWWOOFers.
"fence" driveway and make arch over entrance.
planter boxes.
cold frames.
wood chip the neighbors.
put the WWOOFer's ugly trailer somewhere.
help krista with her outdoor kitchen.

and most importantly what ever project you want to work on (like bees or something).