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I think we're done looking for roommates...perhaps...well, for now -April '09. We still have a shed and future attic. but maybe i'll keep posting the ad since i've met so many amazing people! (maybe just like you). So come visit. Unless you want to be a WWOOFer or a WWISCer (Willing Workers In Sustainable Communities, someone else just came up with that, ha) then come with your tent. or be a Couchserfer then come with your couch (note: couch provided).
Also there are openings in other houses here in the community and on the land too.
(yes it's an embarrassing and outdated site and worst of all it's my fault that it hasn't been updated! waaaaaaaaa!)

Here's more description of the house as would be presented to a potential housemate on CraigsList that can give you an idea of what it's like at this this this CRIChouse:

$400 Communal Cottage in the Country (sebastopol)

hi there!

we have a cute house about 8 miles outside of sebastopol on beautiful acreage. We are part of a larger community. In our cooperative house we are trying to live as sustainably and communally as we know how. this is a 3 (or 4) bedroom house 2.5 of us live in one rooms/outside, one in another room, and there is one other room that has just been claimed (fully furnished!). the room is small and the house is small and there’s only one composting toilet, but we do have all the usual amenities of a house including wi-fi and wood heat (but NO TV! and rarely any movies). but we are not a normal house: we live very communally and do most things together including cooking, cleaning, food processing, construction projects, crafts, harvesting, caring for our goats and chickens, reading, etc. so we are looking for people who like doing things with people most of the time (sharing is caring).

about us:
we are very non-conventional and think quite differently from the dominate culture. but we really like people and like having fun/being silly but not “partying”. we love learning new things both intellectually and experientially. we generally have lot’s of people in the house because we have friends, wwoofers, couch-surfers that come stay here. we are anarchists intellectually but we don't follow the dress code or all the hype or hate. we have very local or telecommuting jobs so we are almost always home and NPR or music is almost always on. but we are also very respectful of other people’s needs and can be quiet or vacate the house sometimes if needed. We are freegan and/or vegetarian. we're young enough to be openminded and have fun but old enough to be serious and listen and able to get things done.

oh yeah we have 2 cats.

available now!
come ASAP!
however if your main interest in living with us is the fact that it's only 400$ and that we don't ask for first and last or deposit or any bureaucratic crap then maybe it won't work out. for this house we want applicans not applican'ts .

Post Script:
for a more detailed description of what we are doing with out lives...wait i mean with our lives.


here's the follow up email to interested future roommmates that can give you an even more confused idea of what it's it's it's like at thus CRIChouse:
we don't wash our cast iron pans.
we don't' use soap on most of our dishes.
we do each other's dishes.
we don't care if the cat walk on the table
(and then eats our food) (you can care if you want to).
the house can get disorganized (we don't like it but we aren't neurotic about it. it will get cleaned, no worries)
in the winter the sun "sets" at 3pm (the house is in a valley) but other areas of the property stay sunny much longer.
we dumpster/gather most of our food (if you're unfamiliar with this, come see first before you judge).
We are primarily vegetarian/freegan altho not opposed to local meat/dairy.
we like to keep it transitional tempeture in the house. meaning since we go in and outside a lot we don't want to waste all the heat that would escape out the door neither do we want to have to get dressed undressed every time we go in/out (this means 50-65 degrees in the winter, or long underwear and sweater temp (60-75 in the summer)).
we only have an outdoor shower at this point since our inside one is being retiled (do you know how to do this?).
we like to keep the hot water heater at 120 degrees and only turn it on 30min before we shower.
we don't' shower but we also don't stink.
the house is very very small over 100 years old and just to give you an idea it has NO drawers and NO closets (anywhere).
Bathroom (50sqft), toilet room (nonfunctional but currently the drying room (laundry + dehumidifier)), small kitchen (150sqft), living room(200sqft), and 3 bedrooms all about 100sqft each.
1 cat who's a total bitch and one cat who's feral (but loves).
we have such an abundance of food that -unless you eat meat- you'll never buy food again.
we pee in the yard (NOT the composting toilet).
we have alternative views of "relationships";
some of us don't even believe in them;
others don't believe in love;
but most of us are Atheists.
but people always embarrass us by describing us as "loving".
we are hippies with a coffee warmer (i.e. microwave)
we are hippiecrites (only open minded to people who are also open minded).
we work a lot, not because we get paid but because we love to be busy and stressed out. in fact most of the time we don't get paid.
with that said we'd like to attract people who feel responsible for things (this is the most important point to me) people who water their neighbors fruit tree not because they like the neighbor or even get any of the fruit but because it is important; people who fix the carpet in other people's apartments so other people won't trip; people who do other people's dishes simply because they are in the other person's house; professional and caring and kind volunteers if you will.
and with that said all of the quirks of this house are just that, quirks. they can change since we are reasonable people who can reason things out. we are open minded to any changes you want to make. we like being agreeable.
If you think that picking roommates based on astrological sign is a good and valid thing you can still live here but we'll tease you about it.
if you are desperate for a cheap room and 400$ is your only reason for replying then it might not work out, maybe, i mean, i don't' have money yet to pay this months rent but that doesn't mean that i'm not busy "working" all the time.
we are technogeek Luddites just waiting for economic collapse.
anarchists with compulsive organizational habits.
there are:
lots of books.
lots of audio books.
lots of guests all the time.
lots of fun neighbors.
a pond.

just think of us as all close friends from the student Coop at college that decided to stay living together like a student coop but now we have projects instead of classes.
================================== that we've found two more roommates things are a little different, and better, we make more music together and garden more.