"Come live with us!"

Dear Anarchist BookFair and BASTARD con. 2009 attendees,

Howdy and thanks to y'all that listened to us try to convince you to come live/visit/WWOOF with us at our "experimental anarchist hippie commune" in the country. And even more thanks to those of you who are reading now...what a way to follow up on that small crumpled piece of reused printer malfunction paper that you thought was trash in your pocket! you rock!
Even if you happen to never come visit we'd love some dialogue about our blog, your blog, your anarchist-in-the-country experiences or what ever. new knowledge welcome.



  1. I don't think I could live the lifestyle as I am older, fairly used to "my" lifestyle and less flexible. But I really offer a deep bow of reverence to what you are doing there and I do think it is a way of the future. Blessings on your venture.....

  2. AHHHH i stayed with you a few days last year and was hoping to pass through again i am gonna keep looking for ways to email one of you directly but if i don't figure it out i might just show up
    ps my name is acadia and i passed through last spring with my partner spike we pulled stakes out of a field and were heading back to NY so i could start a farm
    do you remember me

  3. Very lovely to meet and draw with some of you on Saturday at the bookfair. Hope to visit soon. Andy

  4. Hey Kids!
    I just called,Dory picked up,but my phone is crap,Anyways Herb-pharm is pretty great,But I miss ya'll so ummm tell Ben to finish the damn
    update letter...This season ends the 3rd of June
    so the house should make a road trip up around than..
    Love Ya'll,

  5. We aren't anarchists in the country, but we can garden like hell in a Utah suburb.

    Miss you all.
    christine and justin

  6. I want to live with you. I will live wherever. I want to do as much farming and productive things as possible and I have family with farms all over the U.S.

  7. I think I found you on craigslist I love you... You are Fun...